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Salty ocean breezes, the warmth of sunshine, the thrill of offshore fishing, the coolness of an icy drink: ah, the coastal life! We go to recharge and revitalize, dig our toes in the sand, and launch our boat for an excursion.

There our worries slip away, and we wish such days would last forever. Of course, the folks at Squid Lips Overwater Grill know that no day on the water is complete without great food—whether it’s succulent grilled or fried shrimp or a tender, delicious steak cooked to perfection over the oak grille.

That’s why they offer up the tastiest morsels in a fun, casual environment, perfect for waterfront and inland locations alike. Squid Lips customers get to indulge in the best of the waterfront, and as a Squid Lips franchisee, you have an opportunity to live the coastal life every day.






What makes Squid Lips so different? Our coastal atmosphere and outstanding food. Like our patrons, we love the waterfront lifestyle. And we know that a day on the water means a fierce appetite and fun with friends over drinks and a great meal. So when an opportunity came along to open a casual, inviting restaurant that would capture the best of a day on the water, we jumped at the chance. The rest is history.

Since 2004, Squid Lips has served up quality food and friendly and attentive service, all offered in our unique and casual environment. With our unique oak grilled entrees and freshly breaded fare, Squid Lips has been a favorite place for locals and tourists alike.

Now, after countless requests, we’re launching our franchise program to spread our unique concept to other regions, sharing what we love and bringing the best of the waterfront to all.