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We know that to put the best food in front of our customers, we have to begin with the best and freshest ingredients. In other words, a quality meal begins at the back door. At Squid Lips Overwater Grill, we work to make sure that each and every customer leaves satisfied after enjoying every morsel on his or her plate.

Our grilled items are prepared over an open oak wood fire. The high heat locks in the natural juices while imparting a subtle oak flavor, creating a unique savory sensation. Likewise, our fried items are incomparable. You won’t find any pre-breaded products in our coolers. Everything is prepared when ordered–fresh and crunchy, just the way our customers like them.

From appetizers such as Cajun Bacon Wrapped Scallops, to juicy burgers, Mahi Reuben’s, Abaco Fish Sandwiches and Cuban Sandwiches, to hearty and delectable entrees such as our signature Black Cherry Pepper Pork and Stuffed Flounder, we pride ourselves on serving up more than standard beachfront fare. Of course, you can count on us for the classics too: shrimp cocktail, fried chicken tenders, conch fritters, and much more. No matter what you crave after a day on the water or a day at the office, we serve it up fresh and hot!